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    Application Template


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    Application Template

    Post  Dsi1357 on Tue Apr 07, 2009 7:12 pm

    1. Name of Alliance:

    2. Number of members:

    3. Allies (NAP's, Trade treaties, and MDP's; please specify relationship):

    4. Why does your alliance want to join ACTS?

    5. War experience:

    6. References (Friendly):

    7. Recent battles:

    8. Reason for battles

    9. Is your alliance currently at war with any other alliance or member of Alpha, officially or unofficially?

    10. Reason for battles:

    11. Pillaging and/or Piracy policy:

    12. Alliance Average General score:

    13. Alliance Overall score:

    14. Why should ACTS want your alliance to join? What will you bring to the coalition?

    15. Are there any issues between your alliance or members and other parts of Alpha that the alliances of ACTS should be aware of?

    16. Does your alliance have any issues with any of the current member alliances involved in the ACTS coalition?

    17. Have you read the ACTS Mission statement and are you fully in support?

    18 Is your alliance currently at war with any other alliance officially or unofficially?

    Personal comments:

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